Power Geek Rewards is a program that was designed to let you enjoy earning yourself some free Powered Geek Boxes! Powered Geek Rewards helps getting these epic items, in the hands of your friends and loved ones in a simple as well as rewarding way. We’ve created this rewards program to make sure our subscribers get more than what they expect from a service like ours. We really do appreciate and love our subscribers and for that specifically, we’ve decided to reward our supporters for just sharing our geeky subscription box.

How to earn Powered Geek Rewards?

It’s fairly simple: All you have to do is start sharing the love you have for Powered Geek Box. Each time a friend, family member or anyone signs up using the unique link we’ve provided you, you’ll be that much closer to earning a free Powered Geek Box. The more people you refer the more free boxes you can be rewarded with.

Once you’ve referred 4 friends or family members we’ll automatically add a coupon code to your account, which will give you your next Deluxe Powered Geek Box absolutely FREE. That’s right, free as in you don’t pay a penny. If you are signed up with us on a Premium subscription and currently receive a Premium Powered Geek Box, then you’ll automatically receive a discount of $26.90 (total price for one deluxe box) off your next monthly box!

How to get started with Powered Geek Rewards?

Getting started with Powered Geek Rewards is really easy. Once you’ve joined Powered Geek Box’s monthly subscription service, you’ll have the option to begin sharing your box experience with everyone! Once you sign up for Powered Geek Box you can click on ‘My Account’ on the top right, and you’ll see an option in your user account dashboard to refer friends. You can enter your friends or family members’ emails and we’ll send them your unique referral link so they can sign up through it and help you earn a free Powered Geek Box. You also have the option to share your unique referral link on any of your social media outlets. So go ahead! Share your love and experience you have with Powered Geek Box on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media outlet and get yourself a free Powered Geek Box!

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How do I redeem my Powered Geek Rewards gifts?

Redeeming your free Powered Geek Box requires you to do just about nothing except share your experience and referral link! We do all the work after that. Once you’ve reached your goal of 4 friends or family members referred, we’ll include a coupon code to your account, to give you your free Deluxe Powered Geek Box. As said before, if you currently have a Premium subscription then you’ll receive a discount of $26.90 (total price for one deluxe box) off your next subscription.

Already a member of Powered Geek Box?

Great! Now all you have to do is sign in, go to your user account dashboard and get your love sharing on! Sharing is caring, right? Happy Sharing!